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Catering Services

At Klassic Catering, we would love to bring the flavors of Africa to your event, no matter the size or location. Whether you’re planning an indoor gathering or an outdoor celebration, our team is ready to make it happenComplete this inquiry form so we can get back to you quickly with availability and a quote.

We offer the following services.

  1. Cocktail display
  2. Decorated fruit table
  3. Catering services
  4. Pick up
  5. Drop off
  6. House catering services

How to book service

All our services can be booked through this site, via email, over the phone, or through the form below.

Catering Services: We recommend ordering smaller items directly through this site and calling or sending a direct message with your order # to confirm order and pickup time.

Visit Terms and Conditions for more information


Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for all large orders serving 50 or more guests. 

When contract has been sign . 75% down payment is required. The balance is due one week before the event

We charge $100 dollars consultation fees if you need a menu, This amount will be added to your payment upon signing of contract

Order Now

  1. To order, simply look through the menu and add the item of your choice to your cart.
  2. At checkout, please use the notes section to add any necessary information about your order.
  3. Call, Text or WhatsApp (240) 848-0072 to confirm pick up or delivery options

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